New Stable Release


I’m very excited to announce that after many months of development and testing, a new stable AutoSpotting build has just been released.

What’s new?

This release contains many new features and under the hood reliability improvements implemented since the previous stable release:

  • Automated handling of the spot termination notifications by either immediately terminating the instances executing their lifecycle hooks or detaching them from the group (and thus load balancer) if there’s no lifecycle hook configured. Note: this feature is for now only implemented in the CloudFormation template, Terraform support will hopefully be available in the next stable release.
  • Integration with CloudFormation, avoiding replacement for on-demand instances belonging to CloudFormation stacks in the process of being updated.
  • Automatically terminate orphaned unattached spot instances resulted by scaling-in actions on the AutoScaling group.
  • Attempt launching multiple spot instance types in case of launch failure, in ascending order of the hourly price. This covers any sort of launch failures, such as caused by insufficient capacity, VPC/classic compatibility, missing support for ENA, unavailability for certain Availability Zones, etc. You’ll just get the cheapest compatible instance we’re able to launch in your Availability zone.
  • Use on-demand price of the original instance as default spot bid price.
  • Support for newly released instance types, including those based on ARM and AMD CPUs, and even experimental support for bare metal instance types.
  • Automatically ensure compatibility for ARM and Intel-compatible CPUs without the need to manually whitelist any instance types or blacklist the instance types of the other architectures.

How to install or update?

The installation instructions are only available to Patreon supporters and code contributors.

  • If you’re a Patron, here you can get the installation instructions.
  • If you’re not yet a Patron, you can join here to get access to the stable build.
  • Code contributors are allowed to use this stable build for a year after their latest contribution to the project. Please get in touch with me on Gitter to receive the installation instructions if you contributed a significant feature or non-trivial amount of code to the project, just send me a link to your latest merged pull request.

Closing words

This release wouldn’t be possible without all the people who contributed code or reported issues, and especially those who supported the development effort here on Patreon and kept me motivated enough to make it happen.

Huge thanks to you all!

As always, feel free to reach out on Gitter if you have any feedback, questions or concerns about AutoSpotting or if you run into any issues with this release. I’ll do my best to help you get the most out of AutoSpotting.

Thanks again, Cristian

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