Saves 60-90% of AWS EC2 costs by replacing on-demand instances in ASGs with Spot clones. Deploys in minutes at any scale with minimal configuration changes. Early ELB draining & fallback to on-demand on spot terminations. Small cost overhead. Runs within each AWS account. No SaaS backend. No vendor lock-in. Fully Auditable Open Source. Support and custom development available. Trusted by thousands of users.

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Main Features


  • Automated fail-over to on-demand within each AutoScaling Group
  • Mature, production-grade software used at hundreds of companies and institutions.
  • Configurable to keep some amount of on-demand instances in each ASG
  • Traffic draining for instances behind load balancers

Minimal Friction

  • Installs in minutes using CloudFormation or Terraform
  • Requires minimal infrastructure changes, just tag your existing long-running AutoScaling groups(ASGs) with the key “spot-enabled” set to “true”
  • Can be deployed on entire AWS Organizations using CloudFormation StackSets


  • Easy to install, stable, tested and supported binaries are available from the AWS Marketplace
  • Setup help and long-term support are included, just reach out at if you need any help


  • Fully hosted within your AWS account
  • Minimalist set of IAM permissions
  • Auditable, open source code


  • Out of the box support for anything backed by AutoScaling groups, including managed AWS services such as ECS, EKS and Beanstalk
  • Easy to automate(suspend/resume) from CI/CD scripts

Low cost overhead

  • Charges less than 5% of the generated savings through the AWS bill
  • Negligible runtime costs (serverless)
  • No vendor lock-in, just uninstall it and your groups will eventually revert to fully on-demand.

Prominent Users

Companies from a wide range of industries and sizes that use AutoSpotting, starting from indie hackers to start-ups, non-profits, educational institutions, government agencies and well-known large companies. So far it was installed over 4000 times using the public CloudFormation and Terraform infrastructure code.

If you're a happy AutoSpotting user and would like your company's logo to be shown here, please send me an email that contains the logo, company name and a few words that can be quoted as testimonials, this would be much appreciated.


Stable and supported

Up to 5% of savings

  • Pre-built from carefully tested code revisions
  • Installs in minutes
  • Production-grade code
  • Covered by Enterprise support
  • Charged on your AWS bill
  • Pay as you go

Open Source Trunk


  • Code available on GitHub under the OSL-3 license
  • You build it, you run it
  • The main branch may be unstable at times
  • Support plans are available for purchase
  • Custom development and DIY help are available
  • Unlimited customization possibilities

User Testimonials

If you're a happy AutoSpotting user and would like your testimonial to be shown here, just click here, it only takes a couple of minutes, and I'd really appreciate it.

Jan Čurn

Jan Čurn

CEO, Apify

Thanks to AutoSpotting we’re saving more than 50% of our server costs on AWS

Falko Zurell

Falko Zurell

Head of Platform Operations, HERE

Just deployed my first installation of the AutoSpotting tool… It took only 3 minutes and 5 clicks and now I’m saving 60% of my EC2 cost with Spot instances automagically. Kudos Sir!

Kevin T.

Kevin T.

DevOps Engineer, 3M

After I saw you made the RunInstances API call I generally cheered with so much joy! Thank you for such an amazing tool, you have the best open source project that I’ve ever had the pleasure to use.

Levi McCormick

Levi McCormick

Lead Cloud Eng. SPSCommerce

I recently launched Autospotting to help with our deployments that can’t use fleets. It’s been working really well.

Eric Holmes

Eric Holmes

Software Engineer, Remind

We’re making use of an awesome little open source tool called autospotting. In a nutshell, it will automatically replace an on-demand instance in our ASG’s when a cheaper spot instance is available.

Sandeep Shantharam

Sandeep Shantharam

Software Engineer

Got spot Instances launched - launching r4.large at the price of t2.large :-)

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