AutoSpotting has been used by thousands of companies, non-profits and government agencies. In aggregate its users saved more than $100.000.000 since its launch in 2016. Below you can see just a few of its users.

And here's what some of them had to say about AutoSpotting:

“AutoSpotting is a fantastic service that has exceeded our expectations on what we were looking for: easy conversion to spot, fallback to on-demand, and no lock in. It completely crushes its competitors. Cristian also provided excellent support. Thank you for a job well done!”

Pierre Allétru,


“This was amazing technical support - thank you!!! ❤️ I wish I got this from every provider that I worked with, wow.”

Jacob Cooper,


“I think AutoSpotting has by far the best approach to utilizing spot instances that I’ve seen. With AutoSpotting we’re pretty much able to run our whole stateless production workload on spot instances.”

Andreas Sundström,

DevOps & Development Director

“Thanks to AutoSpotting we’re saving more than 50% of our server costs on AWS.”

Jan Čurn,


“Autospotting is such a great product, just incredibly smooth and well working. We did not even notice that it was running for several years.😀”

Klas Wikblad,


How AutoSpotting works

AutoSpotting makes it easy to adopt Spot instances in existing AutoScaling groups, without any changes to their launch template or launch configuration.

Once installed in minutes using CloudFormation or Terraform, you just need to tag your AutoScaling groups with "spot-enabled", set to "true".

AutoSpotting will take over such tagged groups and gradually replace their instances with similar or bigger Spot instances.

Here you can a little video that explains it in more detail.

AutoSpotting Benefits

Up to 90% Savings

Uses a diversified list of Spot instance types ordered by price.

Costs limited to those of your initial configuration.

Workload agnostic

Supports any workloads running on AutoScaling groups.

Including for services like EKS, ECS, Beanstalk, etc..

Often better performance

Runs Spot instances as big or bigger than the initial instances.

Instance types selection prefers newer instance type generations.

Minimal Spot interruptions

Avoids instances with increased risk of interruptions.

Reduces instance churn as much as possible and maximizes uptime.


Unlike most alternatives, ir runs entirely in your AWS account.

There is no SaaS backend that knows everything you're running.


Uses the minimal set of IAM permissions required for it to work.

Full source code can be made available for audit purposes.

Safe for production use

Can keep a percentage or number of on-demand instances running.

Start small and expand gradually, when you're confident enough.

Failover to

Unlike plain Spot ASGs, you will not run with reduced capacity.

OnDemand instances are launched and replaced with Spot later.

Frictionless procurement

Requires no paperwork or even credit card.

You're charged automatically through your AWS bill.

Get started in minutes

Install in less than 5 minutes using CloudFormation or Terraform.

Configuration by tagging ASGs, without configuration changes

Inexpensive, pay as you go

Charges only 5% of the savings, much less than other alternatives.

Perpetual free tier for savings below $0.02/hour.

Free rollout support

We'll help you get started during a short video call, free of charge.

We'll also help you expand your rollout if needed, also for free.

Here's an example of the typical savings you can get from AutoSpotting as a relatively small AWS customer.

You can generate your own estimates using our Savings Calculator

spreadsheet ➔


using our

Savings Simulator ➔

tool demoed below, which can also be used to generate the

configuration for AutoSpotting with a single click.

You can read more about AutoSpotting in the FAQ, or install it in a few minutes using the link below.

Here is a demo of AutoSpotting in action, which resulted in 85% savings.

Need help?

If you need help or have any further questions about AutoSpotting, you can reach out and we'll do our best to help you.

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